Outsourcing of financial services

Reinventing outsourcing services

Business process outsourcing

At Diusframi Group, we offer our clients specialized solutions and services with high added value, focusing on the continuous improvement of back office processes, which guarantee greater efficiency and productivity in non-core processes and management.

Mainly oriented to outsourcing services for the banking sector, we offer our clients our technology and the management of expert personnel in regulations of national and international brands.

Differential values of our BPO services

The collaboration between Grupo Diusframi and the banking entities throughout all these years has generated a trust that has served to achieve mutual success. This trust is key when it comes to leaving a large part of their back office management in our hands.


Our constant review of the quality parameters, the technology applied and our experts with a proven track record make us a safe bet to be a valuable partner for our customers.


More than 30 years specializing in means of payment for major banks


Management of operations carried out by users and merchants


Automation solutions with the highest highest quality and safety standards


To make the outsourcing process as efficient and simple for the customer as possible


Adaptation to customer needs, integrating ourselves into their systems

Our services

Claims management

Management of claims for card transactions (fraud, merchandise, amount...) or made in stores.
Claims app that allows the cardholder to make the claim.

On Boarding (KYC)

Customer risk scoring analysis for the granting of cards.

Compliance with the standards defined by the bank for merchant acquisition.

PCI Compliance

Support in the completion of SAQ questionnaires

Support to merchants in complying with card brand regulations (PCI DSS).

Fraud control

Management of fraudulent transaction alerts

Analysis of fraud patterns

Implementation of denial rules

Specialized CC

Call Center services for cardholder and merchant telephone customer service

Support and training for bank branches

Analysis denied

Assessment of reasons for refusal of operations
Optimization of operability by reducing the volume of denied operations.

Specific campaigns

Recovery of inactive merchants or with low activity

Reactivation or recovery of payment terminals


Friendly portfolio analysis and management.

Customer advisory services.

Accounting support. Control of pre-judicial and judicial portfolios.


Management of Public Administration attachment files on behalf of customers with the Bank's terminals. Preparation of specific reports for banks and Public Administrations.


Claims on transactions with merchants and holders.
Reconciliations with processors.
Accounting allocations generated by the management of processed claims.

Consumer credit

Commercial prospecting

Approval and formalization

Offering and contracting

Portfolio management


Advice and sale of virtual payment services (pre-sales, sales, technical integration). Technical support to portfolio customers. Modifications of additional data/services of active customers.

Our management tool

In addition to having the best professional experts in BackOffice management, regulations and security, Grupo Diusframi reinforces its BPO services with technological solutions that allow us to offer the maximum efficiency and automation of processes in the market.

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Integrated management of the dispute, from start to finish
Adapted to regulatory changes
Pre-analysis of operations
Low or even no intervention from bank offices.
Dashboard, KPIs and ad-hoc reports.
Digital signature and reference in disputes
Processing of expired, blocked and non-existent cards
Automation with BPM, OCR and RPA technology

Some magnitudes

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Specialists in BackOffice management
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Monitoring and Reporting

We provide intelligence and prediction in response to the need for action.

Data analysis

Our expert BI team generates valuable reports for our clients.

Monitoring of alerts, with deviation analysis and anomaly detection

End-to-end support from data management and monitoring

Continuous improvement

We evolved our BPO tools and processes, allowing for greater automation and efficiency in our clients' Back Office processes.

We design actions that improve our customers' experience and the efficiency of our service.


ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System


PCI DSS Compliance

Information security certification

ISO 27001

Information security

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