We customize, repair and refurbish electronic devices.

Laboratory services

Electronic repair experts

We are specialists in customization and repair services for electronic devices in the laboratory that supports the pre-sales and post-sales phases.

We have developed our capabilities with a specialization in the Payment Media industry (dataphones and other payment terminals) where we have multiple manufacturer approvals and additional expertise in banking security.

We generate a positive environmental impact by giving a second life to many devices, which reduces the demand for natural resources and reduces technological waste.

Flexible, safe and environmentally friendly solutions

We simplify after-sales management

We offer a SAT solution tailored to each customer's needs.

Secure environment for your product

We carry out any technical and safe work by lot

We give a second life to your hardware

We contribute to improve the environment and the circular economy

Our value proposition

Our goal is to offer our clients the best and most efficient services in the IT, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications and Energy industries, maintaining a close relationship with our clients and accompanying them in their strategies for growth, innovation and long-term sustainability.

Laboratory services

We continuously invest in improving our processes, our test tools, laboratory equipment and the knowledge of our employees, in order to offer our customers the maximum guarantee in terms of quality, agility and safety of our services.

Depot repair

N1 - SW, N2 - Modules, N3 - SMD board, BGA.

Budget management.

Irreparability reports.


Software, Cleaning and Packaging


Replacement of worn elements

Batch platform

SW Image Loading

Cryptographic Key Injection

Labeling, Battery Charging, Laser Engraving, Laser Engraving

Spare parts management

Forecasting, purchasing and quality control

Inventory and stock control

Centralized distribution

Returns management

Pickups (Logistics)

Visual and functional screening, management of replacements and repairs

Recycling and destruction

Dismantling with parts testing

Display repair

WEEE Management

Test engineering

Design of test stations

Battery Test

Reduction of repair costs

New product support

Repairability analysis

NFF (No Fault Found) and Incident Analysis

Technical Benchmarking

Product comparisons

Performance and design robustness analysis

Our laboratories

  • In Madrid and the Canary Islands (central laboratories) and in Barcelona, Salamanca, Seville, Mallorca and Malaga.
  • EPA Area (Electrostatic Protected Area)
  • Electronic board repair area. MARTIN® Expert Rework Station. 
  • IPC 7711 certified technicians
  • Batch Work Area
  • 3 Secure Rooms for Cryptographic Injection
  • Cleaning Area
  • LEAN repair flows and jobs
  • Spare Parts Warehouse
  • Complete IT traceability
  • Two flexible work shifts to vary available capacity
PCI safe rooms
Secure key injections
Devices repaired per month
m2 of laboratories

Main attributes of our laboratory service

Electronic repair specialists

Diagnostic tools. LEAN and specialized workstations. ESD Control and Protection.

Multi-manufacturer service

Current certifications and ability to be approved for the repair and assistance of any manufacturer's products.

Secure batch platform

Ideal facilities for medium-high volume batch jobs. Technical Rework and other batch jobs.


Facilities and Processes that comply with the security levels required by PCI regulations.


Technical Assistance Services and complementary tailor-made logistic solutions. IT integration with customers.


We accompany our clients in the analysis, pilot and market launch phases of new products.



ISO 9001

ISO 14001

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