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We offer services and solutions suitable for the retail and restaurant sector, highlighting our installation services and comprehensive maintenance of electronic equipment, as well as the best on-site support and telephone service.

We develop solutions and Apps for stock control, shelf replenishment, order management and mobility solutions for checkout, which speed up checkout lines and improve the customer experience.

Improve processes and customer experience

Through our solutions, we try to help businesses to improve their business processes and customer needs.

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Tax compliance

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Employee management

Value solutions for commerce

Some of our solutions for retailers

In Diusframi Group we have developed different solutions and apps that allow us to cover different needs in the day to day of the businesses and sectors we address:



Sales App for retail type stores:: item catalog, sales and returns management, cash and credit card collection, cash closings and sales reports.



Specific sales app for restaurants, with management of tables, orders, sales tickets and card and cash collection from the Android POS.



Use our point-of-sale apps to comply with the TicketBAI system, the tax regulations that apply to companies and self-employed workers in the Basque Country.


Consumer credit

Consumer financing from the Android POS, informing the end customer of financing plans, terms and monthly installments.



Management of the pickup and delivery process of home orders from the retailer's Android POS integrated in a delivery platform.



App oriented to restaurants. Agility in the collection, multipayments and control of tips made through bank card payments.



Build customer loyalty through the Android POS, allowing the application of discounts, coupons or stamps on card transactions.


Request Taxi

Application integrated with a cab platform to request cab service to your hotel or restaurant customers.


eDNI Registration

Solution for hotels and rural houses that allows the automatic registration of eDNI through the Android POS and its processing with the Police.

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