Specialization, commitment and experience offering quality services.

Consulting and development services

Consulting and Development

We are experts in the creation and development of business process oriented solutions for web and mobility environments.

We are fully committed to the entire life cycle of technological services, from analysis and development to their sustainable maintenance with the best quality.

Card personalization

We are experts in smart card issuance and personalization services.

Our offer covers the comprehensive management of all services required for the issuance of financial and private cards: consulting, development, personalization, security and value-added services.

Card personalization services
Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing

As specialists in outsourcing financial services, we offer entities a line of services to cover their needs in the different Back Office environments that may be deficient, allowing them to focus on their Core Business processes.

Installation and maintenance

We provide installation, maintenance and repair services in the field of multi-brand electronic, computer and office automation devices. We put our logistic capacity at the disposal of our customers to act as a centralized distribution center focused on on-site and off-site maintenance.
Installation and maintenance services
Contact center services

Contact Center

We provide our customers with a Contact Center service aimed at generating value in multichannel customer service relationships. We offer a high quality service, high availability and high service ratios thanks to the investment in technological infrastructures and the high level of performance of the human capital assigned to the provision of this service.


We offer comprehensive technical consulting services , device platforming and customization, repairs and refurbishment.

Our laboratories are equipped with PCI-certified secure rooms for the injection of secure keys into payment devices and terminals.

Laboratory services
Data analytics services

Data Analytics

DATA ANALYTICS is an outsourcing service for data management, analysis and visualization that Grupo Diusframi offers to its clients, providing them with all the value and knowledge for better decision making in different areas of their business.