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Data Analytics is an outsourcing service of data management, analysis and visualization that Grupo Diusframi offers to its clients, providing them with all the value and knowledge for better decision making in different areas of their business.

We are committed to the latest technologies and we have a team of people with an analytical profile destined to the exploitation of our clients' data, in order to help them determine the best business strategies, providing maximum value, with the highest quality and maximum commitment.

What areas do we treat?

We adapt to the needs of each and every one of our clients by offering a comprehensive tailor-made service.


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Our services


We develop components for analytical solutions and configure data management procedures, taking into account the following:

BI based on statistical methods and expertise

ETL process configuration

Report and dashboard design

Analytical solutions support

Data processing

We help to homogenize different data sources, to structure them, to make calculations and to give them a suitable format that allows them to provide value. All this is done with an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) so that after data processing, the information can be visualized in a simple and standardized way, making it understandable to anyone.

Data analysis

Once the data has been grouped, data mining is performed, which consists of a data cleaning process, so that the data becomes data ready for interpretation.

To interpret the data, we enter the Data Science phase, whereby through different techniques and processes we analyze the behavior of the data to detect patterns.

The objective is to understand, analyze and propose a solution to a given problem or need.

Data visualization

In this phase, the most important thing is to identify the KPI's that can provide the most information. For this, we have experts in business and data analytics, both from the banking sector and other sectors, who will help to present the data in a visual way to have an overall view of the project, improve responsiveness and speed up decision making.

We use tools such as Tableau, Qlik or Power BI.

Creation of solutions

We develop solutions focused on optimizing management, reducing the time spent on analysis and speeding up decision making, observing trends, detecting opportunities and alerting of possible incidents in real time.

Thanks to Machine Learning, we can design and train models that can predict and classify data behaviors. Some of the models we use are clustering for pattern recognition or regression to make predictions.

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Differential values of our service

Experience and expertise

More than 30 years of experience as a service provider in payment services

We offer a comprehensive service

We add value to the strategic decision making process of any organization.

We offer valuable information

We turn data into valuable information for our customers.

Automation and efficiency

Efficient costs and automation of processes through technology

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