Pay per link solution

Omnichannel payments

The new demands of today's market, interconnecting with the e-Commerce sector and offering the consumer maximum flexibility when buying, paying, picking up or returning products, is what has caused companies to seek Omnichannel as a strategic and differentiating factor in their business model.

DPOSTPAY allows you to send and manage payment requests by Email and SMS to your customers, automating and simplifying the entire process, allowing you to achieve a higher sales closure.

How does DPOSTPAY work?

Main functions of the platform

Multichannel online online multichannel

Integrable with dealer DMS / management systems

Sending payment links via SMS or SMS or Email

Consultation and notification of order status

Resending payment links due to expiration periods

Sending documents attached to the payment link (photos, invoices,...)

A 100% digital future, where the customer is the center of attention.

Advantages of the solution

For businesses



As an alternative to eCommerce, you can sell online in a simpler and more direct way.



Send by Email and SMS, or share the link via social networks.


Increased sales

Simplifying order registration and payment tracking.

For the end customer


Better experience

Convenience, security and transparency. Email, click and pay.


More information

The customer views the invoice or photos of the product before making the payment.



The customer receives the payment link through the channel of his choice: Email, SMS or RRSS.

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