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Android POS Ecosystem

Solutions for Android payment terminals

We create valuable applications for Android payment terminals.

We support our customers to make the new Android strategy a success, helping them to change technology, supporting them in the market launch and offering them the best user experience.


Chargeback management platform

DClaims is Diusframi's platform specialized in chargeback management, created by and for the banking sector.

DClaims is a powerful dispute management tool for card transactions that allows a complete management of complaints, in compliance with brand regulations, reducing resolution times and generating a better customer experience.

Virtual Desk

Unified mailbox management

HelpDesk tool specialized in the unified management of mailboxes, for the BackOffice services of our customers; allowing to manage all support mailboxes from a single view, assign tickets to each agent or group through configurable rules, ensure compliance with SLAs and improve the knowledge and quality of customer service.



Integral management tools

ORION is the Diusframi Group's ecosystem of management tools that allows the integrated management of interventions in the field, logistics, laboratory and Call Center, enabling us to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency, with full traceability and real-time monitoring of each service. 

Dpost Pay

Pay per link solution

Our payment by link solution allows you to send and manage payment requests by email and SMS to your customers.

DPOSTPAY automates and simplifies the entire process, allowing you to achieve higher sales closings.


Comprehensive automotive after-sales management

Asalpack is an essential application for dealerships that allows the control and monitoring of customer service processes, the management and booking of appointments, satisfaction surveys and workshop management, among other services.

Transportation Ticketing

Transportation solution for Smart Cities

Application compatible with current transport ticketing systems, providing value-added services for both the citizen and the transport operator.

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