Card issuance

Specialized in smart card personalization

Specialists in card personalization

Our offer covers the comprehensive management of all services required for the issuance of financial and private cards.

We offer Consulting, Development, Customization, Security and Value Added Services.

We also provide customization, platforming and recycling services for electronic toll collection devices.

Productive capacity, flexibility and innovation


More than 25 years of experience

1 million

Card production capacity


Large Datacard systems

1 %

Cards and chips on the market

+ 1

Installations in Llodio and Barcelona

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Comprehensive issuance service

End2End management of the entire card issuance cycle

Purchase of materials





Productive capacity and flexibility

"We offer the production capacity of a large company, with the flexibility and proximity of a small one."

Control and monitoring

Our platform allows real-time monitoring of all components of the production process.


Value-added services

We offer services and solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Consulting and innovation

We offer the Bank our years of experience to turn them into products, new ideas to meet new market needs.

We organize innovation conferences with our customers to present the latest market developments.

Electronic PIN distribution

Our goal is to ensure the secure distribution of the PIN (Personal Identification Number), moving from the traditional PinMailer to its delivery by SMS or mobileapplication.

  • The input data will be sent by the customer via a secure communication channel or WebService to our data center.
  • Data is stored in accordance with PCI security standards.
  • We send an SMS with a link that will direct the cardholder to a secure environment to view the PIN.
  • We print a QR code on the card holder that will direct the customer to a secure environment to view the PIN.

Durable Graphics

Durable Graphics is a new high quality thermal printing technology that allows the personalization of a smart card directly on the material, without the need for overlays or protective foils, achieving an attractive unembossed designfinish, with greater clarity, maintaining the original color and above all, increasing the durability of thecard.

vhd color customization

VHD technology offers the possibility to personalize images on financial cards without the need for the card to be manufactured with a reserved space for the brand (VISA / MC).

The cost is per card issued and offers multiple versatile designs and guarantees issuance in the event of stock-outs.

Development team

By new profiles we mean adaptations to new EMV applications, new cards from other manufacturers (e.g. Advantis, CPA, CPACE...) or new scripts for mobile App customization or transport applications. We prepare the necessary material (cards and documentation) to facilitate our customers the certification process with the brands.

Thanks to the fact that Intaremit has its own IT team located in the same facilities of the customization center and with direct contact with the day to day of the customers, our management and stamping tools are constantly evolving and adapting to the customer's needs.

EMV data generation

We have experience in the full range of possibilities, from full data and key generation to partial generations for remote issuance.

ISO Certifications

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 22301 MARK

ISO 22301

Business continuity system

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