Transportation Ticketing

Access and recharge solution for transport passes

Digitization of transportation

As specialists in technological solutions for means of payment, Grupo Diusframi offers a solution compatible with current transport ticketing systems.

The solution has, on the one hand, an app that allows access to the means of transport, the recharge of passes and the consultation of the trips made and, on the other hand, a back-end that facilitates the exploitation of the information in an aggregated form.

In this way, our solution provides added value for both the citizen and the transport operator.

Our App for transportation


Integrated payment gateway

We integrated the payment gateway into the App so that all online recharge operations can be carried out without the need to queue at the vending machines.


NFC and HCE technology

Virtualization of the transport card (HCE) and use of NFC technology for access to the transport system. System compatible with the current WG10 system.



Detailed information of the ticketing operations performed by the user. Consult the balance, trips made, recharges, routes and other available services.


Data analysis and BI

Backend system for the control of ticketing operations, with aggregated information to know citizens' habits and better organize public services.

Transportation closer to the citizen


Convenience and Speed

Agility, reduced waiting times and immediate reloads


User experience

Intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application


Towards the Smart City

Integration with other services of value to the citizen

Cost savings through investment in Technology


Savings in maintenance and reduction of physical sales outlets


Cost savings in the issuance of physical cards and transport passes

service quality

Optimization and improvement of the quality of the transportation service.

Success stories of our solution

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