Automotive aftermarket solution

Comprehensive after-sales management solution for vehicle dealerships where customer experience is the cornerstone of their strategy.

After-sales solution for dealers

Essential application for the control and follow-up of customers that allows to offer the best possible customer service, helping in their loyalty and transmitting a quality image.

Our solution represents a comprehensive after-sales management system, placing customer service at the heart of the after-sales service, establishing a detailed follow-up of the customer and the service offered by the dealership.

Key aspects of the solution

Integral management

Thanks to our solution, the existing shortcomings are alleviated, since currently no software package covers the comprehensive needs of the after-sales, in any case loose applications and in many cases obsolete.

Modular and customizable

Our platform offers modular, customized, simple and easy to implement solutions; maintaining the client's corporate presence with a high level of design, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Safety and efficiency

Secure and centralized, fast, uncomplicated and without technological investments; we provide applications and services from remote data centers to different types of users through the Internet or private networks.

Solution based on 4 fundamental axes


Integration with the main DMS on the market

Integration with telephone switchboard

Contact and contactless payment integration


Service and task scheduler

Process automation

Appointment management and resource allocation


Multi-device and multi-user access

Security and centralization of information

Alerts and customer communication modules


Control panel

Key indicators for the dealer

Generation of customized reports

Modular solution according to your needs

Appointment assignment

  • Appointments can be made through various channels.
  • Planning according to workshop and reception capacity, as well as knowledge of the volume of walk-in receptions.

Time and attendance control

  • Accurate knowledge of the customer's moment of entry, establishing alternative paths to the classic counter visit.
  • Real-time information on customer waiting times, both on PDA and Intranet.

Active reception

  • Procedures are established at the reception desk to improve customer service and cross-selling.
  • It speeds up the consultant's work thanks to the use of the PDA.

Follow-up of repairs

  • Anticipate the customer and reduce the number of incidents.
  • Avoid customer insecurity regarding their vehicle by having adequate information available, minimizing the deviation between the planned and actual delivery date.

Customer follow-up

  • Historical customer information at any point in the process
  • Instant communication with the customer through SMS messages.
  • Reducing the number of calls and increasing customer satisfaction

Information system

  • Availability of rankings, dashboards and reports.
  • Process time control for analysis and improvement.
  • Establishment of concrete objectives at any stage of the process.

- 25%

Reduction of appointment times

- 30%

Reduction of waiting times at the reception desk

What are the advantages and benefits of using our solution?

Process automation

Automated management processes, with daily shop loads and preloaded configuration parameters

Information always available

On-site customer information through information panels or displays

Active reception

Triggering the processes defined for personalized care


Through surveys and interactions conducted with a customer during the dealership's service cycle

Attention and support

Incident and call management

All at a glance!

Visualize the process map in a quick and easy way

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