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ORION is the ecosystem of management tools developed by Grupo Diusframi.

ORION facilitates the integrated management of interventions in the field, logistics, laboratory and Call Center, allowing us to offer our customers the highest level of quality and efficiency, with full traceability and real-time monitoring of each service.

ORION Ecosystem

Orion centralizes the information of all our customer services, telesales, operational support and laboratory repairs.


Grupo Diusframi has ORION WEB, its own ERP, fully operational, for the control and integral management of field interventions and contact center.


Grupo Diusframi has ORION CRM, the Customer Information Management and Lead Management tool.


Management application for field technicians. Its on-line capability feeds our database in seconds, always available to the customer, where he will have all the data obtained in the store.


We have our own Repair Management System, a tool that allows us to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency in our laboratory processes.

Focused on continuous improvement

We continuously invest in our management solutions in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the service we provide to our customers.

We constantly analyze our processes and design actions that improve the experience of our customers, our partners and our technical team.

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