Management tool for chargebacks and other banking backoffice management.

Chargeback management

Grupo Diusframi offers its clients a powerful tool based on the most advanced technology, with which to manage chargebacks in an agile and effective way, avoiding tedious processes and costs in terms of time and resources.

DClaims is a software specialized in chargeback management, created by and for experts in the means of payment sector, with updated information adapted to regulatory changes as well as to the needs of each client.

Key aspects of our chargeback solution

Technology and innovation

Leverages current technologies, enabling error reduction and improving process consistency: OCR/ICR, ML, BPM, RPA ...and connection with other applications.

Regulations and safety

Experts in national and international environments. Processes based on compliance with the regulations of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Multibanco, etc. brands.

Connection with brands

We have an expert team specialized in the maintenance of the connections with the brands.


The implemented automatisms allow a substantial reduction of the operational load and therefore of the assigned personnel.

Safety and certification

The solution allows easy adaptation to regulatory changes, as well as self-management, monitoring and follow-up by the entity.

Continuous improvement

Constantly evolving solution led by experts.

Achieving efficiencies at every stage of the dispute lifecycle

Main functionalities of the tool


Omnichannel access, available self-service and integration with entity, processor and brand systems


Business rules generation and implementation of OCR/ICR image recognition systems technology

Smart Analysis

Pre-analysis of transactions for filtering possible reasons for complaint and transaction search filters for file registration

Management efficiency

Reduction of file processing times. Incorporates document management, mailbox processing and online monitoring of disputes.

Full traceability

Pre-analysis of transactions for filtering possible reasons for complaint and transaction search filters for file registration

Reporting and follow-up

Handling of incidents with expired, blocked and non-existent cards; Documentary management and digital reference in disputes

Dossier management

Pre-analysis of operations

The guided discharge process minimizes the error rate in the selection of the reason and allows for optimal dispute management.

Multiple data

The data provides key information for the dispute management process and can be used to configure rules.

Communications and alerts

Communication of changes in the dispute or sending deadline alerts and reminders to customers and managers, keeping track of them.


Documentation generated according to regulations and adapted to each reason for complaint, minimizing manual actions and errors.


DCLAIMS has a business rules engine that allows its adaptation to the entity's processes.
For an efficient management of the operational processes, DCLAIMS integrates several communications with the processor

Pre-analysis of operations

When registering or modifying the claim, the business rules are evaluated and those that meet the marked conditions are automatically executed.

Massive documentation management

Bulk downloading/embedding of documentation for multiple transactions on a claim streamlines agents' work for disputes

Periodic rules

Periodically, the system reviews if there are disputes that meet the conditions to send alerts, customer reminders or periodic communications to external systems.

Second actions

The integrated management of second actions, through mailboxes, reduces manual management times and centralizes management in a single tool.

External APIs Connector

Facilitates connection with third-party REST services and allows their configuration. Allows sending or downloading information from third-party systems.

Reports and indicators

Follow-up reports, according to the client's needs. Indicators by status, reasons and management deadlines.


DCLAIMS is a tool based on the highest levels of security and developed based on compliance with the regulations required by the means of payment industry.

Safe development practices

Validation of the authenticity of the formats, through the header magic bytes, in order to avoid malicious file uploads through the interfaces.

Monitored by SOC 24x7

Any security incident will trigger our DFIR team, and will be managed. Investigation and generation of full incident lifecycle report and relevant evidence.

ISO 27000 and PCI

Data processing is performed at isolated points of the system, in compliance with regulations.

Security alerts

Thanks to a SIEM we will be able to see a real-time monitoring of events, with notifications and security information, allowing us to identify an attack or threat.

Data isolation

The customer's solution is deployed in an isolated environment with data storage in Europe.

High availability

The system is deployed in high availability in Azure, with redundancy of web front ends, APIs and data repositories.

% tool automation

Fraud disputes
Consumer disputes
Disputes process error
Disputes cash not dispensed
Cases of operational incidents (ops. made with expired cards, etc.)
Cases not allowed by the regulations according to the transaction data and reason selected by the holder:
Degree of reduction in execution time (depending on the different cases)

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