Aula CEU-Diusframi: training the engineers of the future

CEU San Pablo University and Grupo Diusframi have signed a strategic agreement for the training of students at the Polytechnic School. Those in charge of signing this alliance were Juan Carlos Díaz, president of Grupo Diusframi, together with Rosa Visiedo and Carmen García de Elías, rector and manager of the University, respectively. Within the framework of this alliance, the CEU-Diusframi Classroom has been inaugurated, a space that will allow students of the Degree in Computer Engineering to develop their skills and abilities, according to the needs of the current and future labor market.

The president of Grupo Diusframi, Juan Carlos Díaz, has pointed out the conviction and importance of training and talent creation in Spain and the necessary collaboration between Universities and Companies for the development of society. " The creation of the CEU-Diusframi Classroom is a first step that will allow the students of the CEU San Pablo University to have a high quality training space, oriented to training in the field of security and new technologies, as well as the teaching of practical classes of professional scope, aimed at sectors as important and dynamic as the payment methods sector and in which Diusframi is a benchmark," he explained.

For her part, the rector of the University, Rosa Visiedo, stressed the importance of the inauguration of the CEU-Diusframi Classroom, which "corresponds to our strategy of continuing to offer our students the best training, both theoretical and practical, through teaching spaces that promote and enhance the implementation of joint projects between the professional and academic worlds". In this sense, he pointed out, "we are sure that we can achieve these objectives thanks to our alliance with Diusframi, which will enable students to receive complementary training while taking their first steps in the working world ".

University-business ecosystem

CEU San Pablo University seeks to prepare students to face an increasingly demanding and constantly changing work environment. In line with this commitment, it maintains a close relationship with the business world and adjusts its curricula to the profile sought by companies, thus increasing their employability. A true university-business ecosystem through teaching spaces, where joint projects between the professional and academic worlds are promoted and strengthened. This project, which began in the 22-23 academic year, has been implemented in all Faculties and the Polytechnic School and enables students to receive complementary training, while taking their first steps in the labor market.