Diusframi Group participates in the Employment Forum of CEU San Pablo 2024

Last February 21st, the Human Resources team of Grupo Diusframi had the honor of representing our company at the CEU San Pablo Employment Forum, an event that took place from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Our participation in this type of meetings with various institutions has as its main objective to make our company known at a general level. In particular, we seek to make students aware of the active job opportunities we offer in the Group.

The visit to this center had a special meaning for us, as we have an on-site classroom where courses and training are given. This space, managed by our colleague and director of the innovation and development department, Jose Javier Jiménez, reflects our dedication to technology and innovation.

Diusframi is characterized by its technological approach, prioritizing IT and technology training to attract young talent and promote internship opportunities, especially in our IT and R&D departments.

In the current labor market, participating in events like this one becomes a strategic mechanism to anticipate the future search for talent, among other benefits.

In our stand, we had the collaboration of several departments. Raúl Nieto, warehouse maintenance technician, provided the poster that served as background and one of the POS. Our secretarial colleagues and the financial director, Sara Díaz, provided us with the Merchant, pens of different models and folders. To complete the presentation, we used photo cards of the HR members developed by our marketing team last year, which could be viewed using a QR code.

We took advantage of the students' presence to inform them about our different lines of business and the opportunities they could find in Diusframi. At the end, we gave them a pen and a folder with a card.

The dataphones used were provided by our Call Center colleagues, Sergio Rosell and Borja Rodriguez. These Android terminals included one of our own applications.

In addition to more than fulfilling our main objective, we had the opportunity to learn about the CEU-DIUSFRAMI Classroom from the center's coordinator, Felix Hernando Mansilla.