DiTech 2023 Event

On September 29th, Diusframi Group held a truly interesting internal event: DiTech 2023, a window to innovation and excellence in the world of technology, where all the advances made in solutions for payment methods, cybersecurity and work processes in information systems environments were shown. The IT departments, together with different heads of each area, came together to share their achievements, projects and inspiring perspectives for the future.
During the event, multiple projects were highlighted that reflect the commitment of our teams to the technological vanguard, from the optimization of internal processes to innovative solutions for our clients. Each presentation demonstrated the positive impact our IT teams have on the present and the unlimited potential for the future.
It was also an excellent opportunity to meet, chat and get to know all the colleagues we work with on a daily basis.
In short, DiTech 2023 was a reminder that, at Grupo Diusframi, we are leading the technological revolution in means of payment with determination and vision for the future.

Thanks to all the IT teams for their hard work and for continuing to drive our company forward!