Diusframi at the Employment Forum of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: Connecting with Young Talent

Last Tuesday, March 12, our Human Resources team from Grupo Diusframi participated in the Employment Forum at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This event, which took place in a hybrid manner, both virtual and face-to-face, was an invaluable opportunity to establish connections with the university student community.

The main purpose of our participation in this type of meetings is to promote the visibility of our company at a general level and, specifically, to make known the job opportunities available in the Diusframi Group. In addition, we take the opportunity to establish contacts with other companies and conduct networking sessions, facilitating the exchange of interests and mutual benefits.

In line with our technological orientation, Diusframi focuses on attracting and nurturing young talent in the IT and technology field. Therefore, our primary objective is to attract students interested in doing internships in our IT and R&D departments. In an increasingly competitive job market, participating in events like this allows us to anticipate the future search for talent, among other benefits.

Our stand, located at number 16, attracted the attention of the students thanks to its careful layout and attractive presentation. For its assembly, we had the invaluable collaboration of several colleagues from different departments.

The protagonists of the stand were our payment terminals, provided by our Call Center colleagues. These devices not only served as a visual attraction, but also allowed us to engage in conversations with visitors about our lines of business in the means of payment sector and the opportunities we offer in the Diusframi Group, in addition to showing some of our payment applications for Android POS.

A highlight was the organization of a Kahoot with questions related to our company and the technology sector, which resulted in an enthusiastic participation and a relaxed atmosphere at our booth.

In summary, our participation in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid's Employment Forum was a great success, allowing us to establish links with young talent and promote our job opportunities in a dynamic and collaborative environment.